Evergreen Cemetery is located at 2834 N. Spokane St.
The Cemetery is open 24 hrs a day 7 days a week
Cemetery Office Hours Mon - Fri 7:30 am - 3pm

Dogs Not Allowed

 Veterans Memorial
Veterans Memorial Monument Dedicated to America's Veterans for Unselfish Service to our Country: Presented in memory of Manuel Schneidmiller Lt. Col. USMC World War II
by Gary and Gladys Schneidmiller 2012
Evergreen Cemetery
Veterans Memorial
Photo of Memorial Day Cemetery
Evergreen Cemetery
Veterans Memorial
Memorial Day Ceremony

PD Color Guard
Post Falls Police Department Honor Guard Memorial Day 2014

When can I put out my Memorial Day flowers?
Ground level flowers placed in a standard flower container can be set out any time after May 15th. Flowers just set on the ground can not be put out before the Thurs before Memorial Day.

Is there water at the Cemetery?

Water is available through vaious hose bibs in the Cemetery.

How can I find the grave site of my loved one?
Call 777-4478

When do I have to pick up my Memorial Day flowers?
Please pick up your flowers by June 7th. We will pick up any Memorial Day flowers not in standard flower containters a week and a day after Memorial Day.

Does the Cemetery provide flags?
No. Flags are provided on Memorial Day by the American Legion. Flags are not put out on Veterans Day.

Where can I purchase a headstone?
Headstones are for sale in the Cemetery Office

Why can't I have flowers on my loved one's grave afer Oct 15?
Ground level artificial flowers can be covered by snow and not seen by snow removal personel. This may result in damaged equipment or cause injury from airborn artificial flowers.

When is the Cemetery Office opened on memorial Day Weekend?
The Cemetery Office & Information Kiosk will be open to assist grave locations from 10 am until 2 pm Sat, Sun & Mon.

Where can I find vases & flower holders that meet Cemetery regulations?
These can be purchased at the Cemetery durring office hours.

When can I have ground level flowers on my loved ones' graves?
Ground level flowers in standard flower containers are allowed in the cemetery from May 15th until Oct 15th

Why were my holiday flowers removed?
Ground level flowers not in a standard flower container during the summer months May 15th to Oct 15 are not allowed except for a week and a day following a holiday. During winter months Oct 15th to May 15th ground level flowers are not allowed except 3 days before a holiday and 3 days after a holiday.